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Rental e-Bike

Enjoy the nature of Kusatsu Onsen with a rental e-Bike

Enjoy comfortable cycling with Bridgestone e-bikes.
We offer three attractive course.
If you leave Kusatsu Hotel at 10am, you can return and check in at 3pm.

rental e-bike(with helmet):4 hours/2000 yen 1 day/3000 yen
Quantity in stock:6 units
Rental hours 8:00-16:30
(People who are not staying at the hotel can also use the service at the Art Cafe.)
  • 3 recommended course

    • Estimated battery usage: 50%

      (Shibutoge National Highway Highest Point course):advanced,For intermediate users

      The Shibu Pass course offers views reminiscent of the European Alps.After taking a commemorative photo at the highest point on the national highway, you can eat freshly baked bread at Shibutoge Hutte and take a photo with a golden retriever.
      ・Kusatsu Hotel → Mt Shirane → Highest point on the national highway → Shibutoge Hutte (lunch) → Kusatsu Hotel
      (distance:39.5km Altitude ascent 1142m Altitude descent 1142m Required time 5 hours)
    • Estimated battery usage: 55%

      (course that screams at Tsumagai Tsuma no Oka):advanced,For intermediate users

      Drive along a narrow panoramic line reminiscent of Italy's Tuscany region to the Hill of Beloved.After shouting out my love for my wife on top of a hill surrounded by cabbage fields, I took a commemorative photo, ate Juwari Soba from the soba restaurant Asagiri, and then climbed the hill again to Kusatsu.
      ・Kusatsu Hotel → Aizuma no Oka → Soba "Asagiri" → Manza/Kazawaguchi → Kusatsu Hotel(distance:66.5km Altitude ascent 1352m Altitude descent 1350m Required time 6 hours)
    • Estimated battery usage: 65%

      (Lake in the sky “Lake Nozori” Japan’s most beautiful village course):advanced,For intermediate users

      course aims for Lake Nozori, which is called the Switzerland of Japan.The 1080ml village along the route is registered as one of the ``Most Beautiful Villages in Japan.''Enjoy both the idyllic village scenery and the magnificent view of the mysterious lake, and we also recommend taking a bath in nature at Shiriyaki Onsen on your way back.
      ・Kusatsu Hotel → 1080ml Village → Lake Nozori → Kusatsu Hotel(distance:41.0km Altitude ascent 1275m Altitude descent 1282m Required time 5 hours)