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Incorporating local ingredients from Gunma Prefecture and seasonal ingredients from nearby areas
We prepare each item with traditional Japanese flavors.

all the restaurants
It's a chair/table seat.
We do not have private room.
The menu for both breakfast and dinner is subject to change depending on the day's stock availability.
We cannot accommodate allergies/vegetarians/vegans.
If you change the recipe due to ingredients that you do not like, we will charge an additional fee.
<Instructions for use>
Because it is the same space as other customers, you can hear a lot of conversation.
Not suitable for small people running around or groups of 10 or more.

  • example of dinner

    • Supper information

      Supper time

      From 18:00

      dinner menu

      Aperitif: Hana Plum / Appetizer: Grilled Spanish mackerel with yuan sauce, Japanese urui with white dressing, etc. / Steamed dish: Hirame, rape blossoms and Domyoji / Sashimi: Bluefin tuna and amberjack / Medium dish: Grilled duck with Japanese pepper / Western dish: Roast beef / Special pickles / Rice from Gunma Prefecture / Pudding

      Children up to elementary school

      Hamburg steak with demi-glace sauce / ketchup rice with creamy egg / deep-fried chicken / fried shrimp / fruit and homemade egg pudding / miso soup /(From elementary school students to the left + beef pot)


      Draft beer ¥680, bottled beer ¥770, barrel high ¥500, highball ¥580, skunk cabbage pure rice daiginjo 180ml ¥1100<All-you-can-drink 90 minutes ¥2800>

      Separately ordered dishes

      Shiogama-grilled sea bream ¥12,000/Ceramic beef plate ¥2,200/Pork shabu-shabu ¥1,650/Rockfish whole ¥1,870
  • Example of breakfast

    • Breakfast information

      Breakfast time

      From 7:30(Varies depending on the season)

      Menu example

      salmon/Fried egg/Seasonal dish/Small/miso soup/Pickles/cooked rice/fruit
  • Anniversary cake

    For birthdays, wedding anniversaries, 60th birthday celebrations, etc.
    How about celebrating with a cake from Kanoya, which is secretly popular in the local area?
    A message plate is also available free of charge.
    Example → "Happy birthday 〇〇" etc.
    Please let us know when you apply for the cake.(Reservation up to 3 days in advance)

    Serving time is at the end of dinner.
    If you do not have a meal, go to the refrigerator in the room before check-in with a container.
    It is available.
    (There is no candle when preparing for the room.)
    • *All prices include tax.


      No. 3 ¥1750/1-3 people No. 4 ¥2550/3-4 people No. 5 ¥3250/4-5 people No. 6 ¥4350/5-6 people

      Raw chocolate cake

      No. 3 ¥2000/1-3 people No. 4 ¥2750/3-4 people No. 5 ¥3450/4-5 people No. 6 ¥4650/5-6 people
  • Dining"Okuniwa"

    Please enjoy the calm space of the wooden building with a variety of seasonal dishes.