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Various seasonal scents ...

Incorporating Local Gunma Prefecture Ingredients
The traditional taste of Japan,
For your enjoyment
We are ready to serve you.

all the restaurants
It's a chair/table seat.
We do not have private room.
The menu may change for breakfast and dinner depending on the purchase situation on the day.
We cannot accommodate allergies.
Please understand.
In addition, when changing dishes with weak ingredients,
A separate fee will be charged.
  • Dinner

    The main meal is the dance of live abalone.
    Please enjoy its softness and fresh flavor.
    Joshu Beef pot, moderate fat and Joshu Beef with a taste, please enjoy along with the prefecture production of mushrooms.
    • Supper information

      Supper time

      From 18:00

      Summer menu

      Aperitif Hana Plum / Chilled Vichyssoise / Sashimi Amberjack / Pottery Plate Grilled Abalone / Western Plate Fruit Tomatoes, Scallops and Yolk Vinegar / Boiled Soft Mochi Pork / Hot Pot Joshu Joshu Beef Hot Pot Hot Pot / Special Pickles / Koshihikari from Gunma Prefecture / Handmade Pudding

      For children(1-5 years old)

      Demi-glace sauce hamburger steak / Toro Toro egg over ketchup price / Fried chicken / Fried shrimp / Fruit and handmade egg pudding / Miso soup 2,750 yen(Tax included)


      Draft beer 660 yen, bottled beer 748 yen, barrel high 495 yen, highball 550 yen, skunk cabbage pure rice Daiginjo 180 ml 1100 yen<All-you-can-drink 90 minutes 2750 yen>

      Separately ordered dishes

      Grilled sea bream in a salt pot ¥ 5500(About 1.2 km)/Beef porcelain plate ¥ 1650 / Pork shabu-shabu ¥ 1650 / Rockfish grilled ¥ 1650
  • Breakfast

    • Breakfast information

      Breakfast time

      From 7:30(Varies depending on the season)

      Menu example

      salmon/Fried egg/Seasonal dish/Small/Kenchinjiru-soup/Pickles/cooked rice/Kawaba Village Drinking yogurt
  • Anniversary cake

    For birthdays, wedding anniversaries, 60th birthday celebrations, etc.
    How about celebrating with the locally popular "Kanoya" cake?
    A message plate is also available free of charge.
    Example → "Happy birthday 〇〇" etc.
    Please let us know when you apply for the cake.

    Serving time is at the end of dinner.
    If you do not have a meal, go to the refrigerator in the room before check-in with a container.
    It is available.
    (There is no candle when preparing for the room.)
    • *All prices include tax.


      No. 3(9cm, 2 people):1,700 yen/No. 4(12 cm, 3 people):2,450 yen/No. 5(15 cm, 4 people):3,150 yen/No. 6(18 cm, 5 people):4,150 yen

      Raw chocolate cake

      No. 3(9cm, 2 people):1,950 yen/No. 4(12 cm, 3 people):2,600 yen/No. 5(15 cm, 4 people):3,350 yen/No. 6(18 cm, 5 people):4,450 yen
  • Dining"Okuniwa"


    Against the backdrop of lush green mountains
    A calm space of wooden architecture with meals
    We hope you have a fun time.