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Art Cafe Kusatsu

  • Yukawa is the only place in Kusatsu Onsen that you can see from the art cafe facing the west river.
    Counter seats and terrace seats are popular spots.
    A 10-minute walk from Yubatake, the park entrance toward Sainokawara Park Park.
    You can purchase Kusatsu Onsen limited goods.

    Art cafe open am800
    The most popular butter toast
    Only a quantity of shaved ice,
    We also recommend ways to enjoy other than art appreciation.

    Also enjoy e-bike rental bicycles.
    It is open at the same time as the art cafe.
    Please experience the magnificent scenery up to Shibutoge.

Business information

Opening Hours8:00 to 17:00
(There are temporary closed days due to the influence of the new coronavirus)
Closed in September・7 (Wednesday) ・8(Thursday)
*We are open on all other Thursdays.

schedule for next month
*There are no holidays in October.

Food menu*All tax included

  • Cheese toast & coffee
    Cheese toast & coffee:800 JPY
  • Camembert cheese toast & coffee
    Camembert cheese toast & coffee:900 yen
  • An butter toast & coffee:800 JPY
    An butter toast & coffee:800 JPY
  • Shaved ice Uji Kintoki
    Shaved ice Uji Kintoki

Drink menu*All tax included

  • Cafe Japone:400 JPY
  • Latte:450 JPY
  • cream soda
    cream soda:550 JPY
  • Electric assist rental cycle
    Bicycle rental
    Bridgestone TB1
    It takes about 2 hours to reach Mt. Mt Shirane, Shibutoge, Yuki-no-Kairo (snow corridor), and the highest point of the national highway by electric assist cycle.
    Rental fee 3,000 yen all day.
  • Cafe Japone(Coffee):400 JPY
    Latte:450 JPY
    Iced coffee:400 JPY
    Iced tea:400 JPY
    Orange juice:400 JPY
    Apple juice:400 JPY
    Asahi Super Dry:660 yen
    cream soda:550 JPY
  • Rattaratal

    A design brand that produces clothes, stationery, miscellaneous goods, etc. using diverse and unique original drawings drawn by creators with disabilities.
  • Rattaratal
  • Mashiko ware【Yasuhiko Ochi】
  • Cycling wear
    Eroica series of Santini in Italy.
    We carry Capel Mule cycling wear.
  • The art goods shop on the 1st floor sells a number of art goods such as original postcards, tri-fold clear files, and reprographs.
    How about a souvenir for your trip to Kusatsu Onsen
    Please relax and enjoy your shopping. (You can drop in at the shop without entering the museum)
  • There are about 50 postcards of Tsurutaro KataokaPlease choose while having fun.
    110 yen