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Art Cafe Kusatsu

  • Yukawa is the only place in Kusatsu Onsen that you can see from the art cafe facing the west river.
    Counter seats and terrace seats are popular spots.
    A 10-minute walk from Yubatake, the park entrance toward Sainokawara Park Park.
    You can purchase Kusatsu Onsen limited goods.

    Art cafe open am800
    We also recommend the most popular bean paste butter toast and cheese toast.
    Homemade chocolate banana pound cake can also be taken out.
    You can also enter the store if you are holding a dog.
    We also recommend ways to enjoy other than art appreciation.

    Also enjoy e-bike rental bicycles.
    It is open at the same time as the art cafe.
    Please experience the magnificent scenery up to Shibutoge.

    We are holding a "morning activity" that is free to participate and does not require a reservation.
    Please feel free to come by for 30 minutes from 7:30 to 8:00.

Business information

Opening Hours8:00 to 17:00
(Until 16:30 on weekdays)
February holidaysThere are no holidays in February.

Food menu*All tax included

  • cheese toast set
    cheese toast set:1,000 yen
  • maple butter pancake set
    maple butter pancake set:1050 yen
  • Bean Paste Butter Toast Set
    Bean Paste Butter Toast Set:1,000 yen
  • Half size maple nut pancake set
    Half size maple nut pancake set:800 JPY
  • Japanese pancake set
    Japanese pancake set:1100 yen
  • chocolate banana pound cake
    chocolate banana pound cake:280 yen
  • Firm pudding
    Firm pudding
    350 JPY
  • Biscotti
    A hard Italian cookie.Enjoy with coffee.
    Coffee and set 500 yen
    Single item 200 yen

Drink menu*All tax included

  • Hot coffee:400 JPY
  • Latte:450 JPY
  • hot milk:400 JPY
  • Kusatsu Cider:300 JPY
  • Electric assist rental cycle
    Bicycle rental
    Bridgestone TB1
    It takes about 2 hours to reach Mt. Mt Shirane, Shibutoge, Yuki-no-Kairo (snow corridor), and the highest point of the national highway by electric assist cycle.
    Rental fee 3,000 yen all day.
  • Hot coffee:400 JPY
    Latte:450 JPY
    Iced coffee:400 JPY
    Iced tea:400 JPY
    Orange juice:400 JPY
    Apple juice:400 JPY
    Kusatsu Cider:300 JPY
  • Rattaratal

    A design brand that produces clothes, stationery, miscellaneous goods, etc. using diverse and unique original drawings drawn by creators with disabilities.
  • Rattaratal
  • Mashiko ware【Yasuhiko Ochi】
  • Cycling wear
    Eroica series of Santini in Italy.
    We carry Capel Mule cycling wear.
  • The art goods shop on the 1st floor sells a number of art goods such as original postcards, tri-fold clear files, and reprographs.
    How about a souvenir for your trip to Kusatsu Onsen
    Please relax and enjoy your shopping. (You can drop in at the shop without entering the museum)
  • There are about 50 postcards of Tsurutaro KataokaPlease choose while having fun.
    110 yen