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Est. 1913

The Kuroiwa family opened Kusatsu Hotel over a century ago, and it is still owned and operated by the Kuroiwa family’s 5th generation. After World War II, many people affected by the war came to stay here. In 1952, the hotel was remodeled into a traditional Japanese style hotel, also known as a ryokan. We added tatami mats and provide futon beds and yukatas. However, throughout these changes, our onsens have remained the same since we first started, including our water source, and we still strive to share the comfort of omotenashi, traditional Japanese hospitality. Our water comes from Sainokawara, and we are one of only six ryokans where you can bathe from this source. This water is renowned for its antibacterial properties and soft feel, so please come and enjoy to your heart and body’s content.

Seasonal cuisine

Experience the flavor of our continually changing dishes that are not only delicious but pleasing to the eye.

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Japanese Style Rooms

The hotel’s main structure was refurbished, retaining the original architectural design with high ceilings and wooden framed sliding windows.

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Precious waters from Sai no Kawara

Kusatsu’s onsens are overflowing with some of Japan’s best hot spring waters.

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479, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-Machi, Agatsuma-Gun, Gunma, 377-1711, Japan