Relaxation / Facial and Body Massage

Relaxation & Beauty Salon – for you –

Come rest your body and put your mind at ease with a personal massage.
*All massages are available for women and men.
*You can make reservations to have the massage in your room

  • Business hours: 3 pm – 11:30 pm (last reception 10:00 pm)
  • Facility location: Bathroom side treatment zone (Massage will also accept treatment in the room)
  • Fixed holiday: Irregular holiday (It may be closed due to the season)

Relaxation Massages


Full body massage

Relax and let your stress melt away. You may notice renewed energy, improved sleep quality and enhanced mental clarity – your body will feel rejuvenated.

  • 40 mins ¥4,400
  • 60 mins ¥6,600
  • 90 mins ¥9,900

Partial massage

A simple massage that will relieve stress and smooth away anxieties.

  • 20 mins ¥2,420
  • 30 mins ¥3,520

Foot massage

Our Reflexology treatment uses exclusive creams and oils on your feet and legs. You can direct the foot massage to your satisfaction, enhancing your experience.

  • Massage focuses on Soles of the Feet. 15 mins ¥1,870
  • The 15 min. course plus lower leg massage. 30 mins ¥3,520
  • Enhanced version of the 30 min. treatment. 45 mins ¥4,950

Head massage

Enjoy this stimulating yet relaxing massage. It enhances the blood flow across your scalp, reducing headaches and soothes away tensions in your body.

  • 10 mins ¥1,430
  • 20 mins ¥2,750


Acupuncture is the unity between western and eastern medicines to improve one’s health using needles and mugwort, a traditional Chinese therapy herb. This gentle treatment is painless and should stimulate your body’s electrical pulse thereby improving your overall physical constitution.

  • 30~40 mins ¥4,950

Facial and Body Massages

Body massage


High quality, plant-based skin care products containing natural essential oils are used to bring out your skin’s lustrous glow and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

  • Cleansing Treatment Pack 40 mins ¥6,600
  • Cleansing Treatment Pack + Neck 60 mins ¥9,900
  • Cleansing Treatment Pack + Neck + Cuticle Care & Head Massage 90 mins ¥14,300
  • Lymph Facial (helps reduce facial swelling) & Face Lift Massage 50 mins ¥8,250

Essential Oils Body Massage

We use natural, high grade essential oils to stimulate your mind and body by helping increase circulation, smoothing away muscle tensions, and leaving you feeling rejuvenated by the end.

  • Back・Neck・Knees and Below 40 mins ¥6,600
  • Back・Neck・Knees and Below + Hands 60 mins ¥9,900
  • 60min massage package + Head & Upper Thigh Massage 90 mins ¥14,300

Full Body Massage: Facial & Essential Oil Body Massage

  • 60min Body Massage + 30 min Facial   OR  30 min Body Massage + 60 min Facial 90 mins ¥14,300
  • 60 min Facial + 60 min Body Massage 120 mins ¥18,700

Foot Massage

Enjoy a relaxing yet stimulating foot (and lower leg if desired) reflexology massage. This massage increases blood flow through your legs helping to flush out toxins and, in some cases, removes stubborn cellulite.

  • 40 mins ¥6,050

Things to note before getting a massage:

  • Please don’t be late for your reserved massage time; additional time will not be added.
  • We recommend getting a massage after bathing.
  • If you are getting a facial please remove any makeup before coming to the massage room.
  • If you have any of the following, we reserve the right to refuse service:
    fever, infectious disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, varicose veins or blood vessel blockage, allergy, injury, skin disease, abortion and related conditions
  • We reserve the right to refuse service if you consume excessive amounts alcohol prior to the massage.
  • During your massage, we do not assume responsibility for valuables brought with you.
  • During your scheduled time, we ask that you turn off your phone so that you may relax and enjoy the full benefits of your massage.
479, Kusatsu, Kusatsu-Machi, Agatsuma-Gun, Gunma, 377-1711, Japan