Please enjoy the fresh taste of our seasonal ingredients.


Example Dinner Course

【8 dishes + pickled vegetables and a light seasonal dessert】
Appetizer (“Sakizuke”) : Local highland vegetables and freshly caught Braken “Warabi”
Steamed small dish (“Mushimono”) : Steamed Egg “Tofu”, Conger Eel “Anago”
Japanese side dishes (“Hassun”) : Broad beans “Soramame”, Tomato and boiled shrimp with jelly sauce, Omelette, seasoned vegetables, Bamboo shoot with Miso
Japanese pickled salad (“Sunomono”) : Layers of pickled seasonal vegetables and fish (“Aji-Hakata”)
Sashimi (“Otsukuri”) : 3 kinds of seasonal raw fish
Steamed dish (“Nimono”) : Steamed pork “Mochibuta” with Swiss Chard “Fundanso” in a light broth
Viande (Beef) : Roast beef with Ponzu sauce and mashed potatoes
Hot Pot (“Nabe”) : Grilled chicken meatballs “Tsukune”, Chicken, green onions and Enoki mushrooms
Rice and Miso Soup


BreakfastGrilled salmon, Tamagoyaki (Rolled egg omelet), Tofu, Salad, Koshihikari rice, Miso soup, Pickled vegetables.

We are very sorry we are unable to accommodate or make meal(s) specially for those who are vegetarian and / or have religious dietary restrictions. We hope you understand, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have an allergy, please specify your allergen(s) when making your reservation. However, we cannot promise that we will be able to omit the ingredient(s) you are allergic to.

Unfortunately, requests to remove gluten/wheat flour, soy, fish and/or meat products most likely cannot, be accommodated. It is difficult for us to meet this demand because these ingredients are essential components to the meal as a whole. For your safety, if we are unable to omit the ingredient(s) to which you are allergic, it may be best if you do not request this meal. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand our situation.

For your safety, if your allergy is severe, please have your doctor contact us.

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